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RiskView: benefits of report over Envirosearch

Reports such as Envirosearch do not provide full analysis of some risks and instead provide risk screens to flag if it could be an issue.

Riskview Residential is Landmark’s ‘All-in-One’ environmental report, covering five environmental issues in one location. The key benefit of the report is that it removes the risk screening process, which can lead to a subsequent action and another report being required. All in all, Riskview Residential will reduce time spent obtaining and reviewing searches, provides greater risk transparency but also will save your client money.

This 30 minute Webinar will go through what the report contains and how the assessments are generated.

How does Riskview work?

  • Contents and Professional Opinion: What will be populated in the report
  • The Assessment: Polygon over point

What does Riskview include?

  • Contaminated Land: The impact of the Risk Assessed Land Register (RALR)
  • Flood Risk: Unique residential risk model and consultant input
  • Mining & Subsidence: Data and claims information
  • Energy & Infrastructure: Contents, search radii and planned data additions
  • Planning: Identifying potentially pertinent applications
  • The Viewer: Built for the digital age
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