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Environmental Law

This section looks at aspects of environmental law which, although are outside the scope of our reports, are still important to understand and are topics of interest.

We will explore all topics relating to air quality, environmental change, nuisance, light, and unregulated waste sites.

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Environmental Constraints-Air Quality

Jonas Beaugas, Senior Consultant for air and noise at ITPEngerised talks about air quality and…

Air Pollution: The Basics

Poor air quality can affect our health and the environment. Most of these pollutants have…

An Overview of the IPCC Special Reports

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is in its sixth assessment cycle of…

The Politics of Climate Change

Climate change is influenced by policies and increasingly is influencing politics. Politics is multi-dimensional and…

Climate Change Policy and Landmark Data

A look at the work of the IPPC and the reports that underpin the policies…

Josh Fox

12 mins

Introduction to Climate Change

Guide to the climate system and why greenhouse gases cause climate change. Looks at the…

Josh Fox

20 mins

Climate Change Risks and Impacts

Looks at some of the key impacts of climate change. These include increased flooding, overheating,…

Josh Fox

23 mins


Climate Change

Air Pollution

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