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An infographic on Climate Change: The Commercial VS. the Residential view

Climate change affects us all. But this infographic reveals how opinions about climate change information are starting to affect the industry, and shaping home movers’ decisions. 

We spoke to over 140 senior residential conveyancers and commercial real estate lawyers, along with over 500 home movers, canvassing their views about the impact of climate change on property transactions. It’s a revealing snapshot, as it highlights how much more change may be necessary to the conveyancing process.

Click on the image to open up the infographic: 

Home movers have an unquenching thirst for guidance that increases confidence in decision-making – but many conveyancers are waiting for more guidance before offering data on climate change as standard. Property professionals have an important role to play in sourcing relevant information around climate change. 

Landmark Information Group curates climate change data for those working in every part of the property industry’s value chain. The scope of our work includes surveys like this one, surfacing insights on subjects such as Climate Change, Home Movers’ Experiences, and Digital Transformation.  

For a more detailed overview with more analysis, you can download the guide and understand your colleagues’ views on reporting around climate change and information exchange with vendors and purchasers.  

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