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Energy & Infrastructure

This section will look at the different sources of renewable energy and change in infrastructure which can have potential impacts on property transactions. A series of webinars investigates the importance of understanding Highways information as well as the different sources of energy and their implications for property professionals. HS2 and Crossrail are covered in separate webinars, which provide details of the Energy and Infrastructure Report and what the report covers.

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Energy & Infrastructure – Energy

Renewable energy sources produce 20% of the UK’s electricity. In the third quarter of 2019,…

Energy & Infrastructure – Infrastructure

On 28th February 2011, the Government launched a national consultation on High-Speed Rail: Investing in…

Why order a Highways Report?

Our unique report is designed to fulfil part of an environmental due-diligence search pack and…

Highways – Introduction 

Property lawyers need to know the different types of highways including private and public roads.…

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