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Contaminated Land

400 years of industry in the UK has resulted in a number of brownfield sites with elevated levels of contaminants which are potentially hazardous to human health or controlled waters.

The following presentations explore the causes of contamination and provide details on the current legislation and guidance. The videos cover due diligence requirements according to the Law Society, and what to do if land has been identified as potentially contaminative.


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Key environmental risks associated with agricultural transactions

Purchasing agricultural land comes with a unique set of challenges. Understanding the land’s historic activities…

Contaminated Land – Future or Recent Redevelopments

Senior consultant Jake Hawkey considers how contaminated land can affect redevelopment projects and how you…

Site Inspections – a valuable assessment for operational sites

A site inspection is often an essential piece of due diligence. This webinar takes you…

Contaminated Land Part 1 – The Basics

Under Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1999, land is legally defined as ‘contaminated…

Andrew Wiseman 17 mins

Contaminated Land Part 2 – Due Diligence

The Law Society Practice Note on Contaminated land was developed for Solicitors dealing with property…

Andrew Wiseman 14 mins

Contaminated Land Part 3 – Contractual Protections

When working for a client either buying or selling land, you may need to write…

Andrew Wiseman 16 mins

Further Action Reports for Contaminated Land (Continued Use) – Next Steps

When your Site has historically been in industrial use it may have polluted the soil…

Sam Hackett 11 mins

Transferring Suspect Land Part 1 – Caveat Emptor and the Importance of Due Diligence

The rule of caveat emptor is a legal term which was first in conveyancing terms…

Professor Robert Lee 23 mins

Transfering Suspect Land Part 2 – Risk Management for Environmental Warranties and Indemnities

When buying land or property, there are may be uncertainties regarding the condition of the…

Professor Robert Lee 28 mins

Which Report? – Part 1: Managing Risk in Property Transactions

Deciding which report to use for a specific transaction can be difficult, as each report…

Mark Taylor 12 mins

Which Report? – Part 2: The Environmental Reports

The Law Society Contaminated Land Practice Note understands that you are not required to be…

Mark Taylor 6 mins

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