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Climate change and developments on flood plains coupled with the issues of old drainage systems means flood risk is a major concern for all property professionals.

This series of resources introduce flood risk, how flood risk should be identified in the conveyancing process and how to manage risks if identified during your due diligence activities.

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Flood Risk – Introduction

Flooding in the UK has increased dramatically in the last decade and with climate change,…

Flood Risk – Due Diligence 

The huge flood event of summer 2007 demonstrated the devastating impact flood can have to…

Importance of Flood Risk during development

Flooding is the UK's biggest natural hazard. 1 in 6 homes and approximately 185,000 commercial…

Flood Risk – Insurance & Flood RE

In April 2016, the Flood Insurance Statement of Principles was replaced with Flood RE. This…

Flood Resilience: A consumer view on flooding & preparation

Flooding can devastate the lives of homeowners. However, if the risk is known then flood…

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