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‘NEW’ Landmark Coal Reports: Investigating Coal Mining Risks

The UK has utilised coal mining to fuel industrial activity and raise the living conditions of millions since the 1500s. However, this mining legacy has left the UK with thousands of abandoned mines, and the dangers they pose to people and the environment in terms of contamination and ground stability hazards. In addition to historic and existing coal mines, there are also new plans to mine coal around the country.

For these reasons, the Conveyancer’s Handbook specifies good practice means checking for coal activity when advising the sale or purchase of a property.

Working in collaboration with mining experts Pinpoint, the new Landmark Coal Reports provide a detailed assessment regarding environmental or ground stability hazards resulting from past, current or future underground or opencast mining activities. They answer and provide expert opinion on all 11 CON29M questions as set out by the Law Society.

• Landmark Coal (CIE Regulated Search)
• Landmark CON29M

This 30 minute webinar will go through the reports, explaining why they are a suitable alternative to the official Coal Authority CON29M.

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