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Property Transactions 2020/21 – Reviewing for Change

The last 18months has seen an unprecedented time for the property market. Conveyancers especially, have had to cope with extremely high volumes and often working from home. plus amongst all the highs and lows came lots of talk about embracing digitalisation to change the conveyancing transaction to make things quicker and more automated. But what should be the key elements for change be, if any? and how has this time affected the markets’ supply and demand going forward?

Join us for this insightful and informative webinar review

Allie Parsons of Landmark Information opens this session with:

•            A Reflection of the property market in 2020/21

•            What did we learn?

•            Where do we go next?

•            Landmark’s goal

Jenny Screech of Howden Group then provides a review and update of

•            Claims activity arising from conveyancing

•            Common conveyancing claims arising from search issues; and

•            The impact of stamp duty holiday on underwriter’s concerns

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