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Publication launch and industry briefing: Climate change risks for the property industry

Landmark Information Group is hosting an event on Climate Change on the 19th of October to mark the launch of our forthcoming publication, Climate Change Reports: The New Frontier of Real Estate Due Diligence.

Join us and get answers to these ‘big’ questions:

  • What does climate change really mean for the property industry? 
  • Which physical and transitional risks pose the greatest challenges to property owners? 
  • How does the industry report on these risks – and where does reporting fall short? 

Climate change is not likely to go away anytime soon. As we take our respective steps towards meeting net zero targets as an industry, Landmark has turned the focus to climate change reporting, exploring how climate risks are currently reported – and where there is room for not only improvement but innovation and excellence. This is a conversation for the entire property ecosystem – and we want to involve YOU. 

Join us at our next industry briefing, where we will be furthering the climate change conversation with the launch of our forthcoming publication. Contributing experts from across the industry include: 

  • Professor Robert Lee, Birmingham School of Law 
  • Anthony Baker, CEO, and Nell Agate Tsui, Quant ESG Analyst, Satellite Vu 
  • Dr. Emma Raven, Climate Change Lead, JBA Risk Management 
  • Alex Holsgrove Jones, Senior Knowledge Lawyer, TLT LLP 
  • Kathryn Lee, Geologist and Hazard and Resilience Modelling team leader, British Geological Survey 
  • Theresa Wallace, Co-founder, The Lettings Industry Council
  • Mike Holden, Managing Director, Landmark Valuation Services 
  • Jonathan Shaw, Operations Director, and Jonathan Annan, Chartered Surveyor, Harvey, Donaldson & Gibson 

Find the event’s agenda and the venue details here – and don’t forget to sign up!