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Transitional risks associated with climate change 

The Ten Point Plan for the Green Industrial Revolution produced by the Government in 2020 sets out some clear areas to focus on with regards to property. These include improving the energy efficiency of buildings and reducing the carbon emissions emitted from heating buildings. In June 2022, the Buildings Regulations were expanded to incorporate installing low carbon technologies such as solar panels and heat pumps, and using materials in a more energy efficient way to keep heat in. The Future Homes and Building Standard ready for 2025 will also require developers to go further in making all future homes net zero ready with no need to retrofit. This session will help you understand what transitional risks are and update you on the current plan for the government to reach net zero, particularly looking at how this will impact on property and resultant transitional risks.  

The benefits to you: 

  • Understand what transitional risks are 
  • How will future/planned transitional risks affect property  
  • Learn how to identify transitional risks and why its important to highlight this within property due diligence 
  • Understand how to advise your client 
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