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The 60 Second Interview with Ali Stanton

Ali is Landmark Legal’s Product Manager, responsible for our range of environmental reports and services.  Before moving into the Landmark Product Team, Ali headed up the commercial team at Argyll and  was responsible for managing the output and quality of all risk assessment reports. She completed an MSc at Brighton University focused on public participation in Environmental Impact Assessment, auditing and environmental management systems. With many years experience as a senior technical consultant, Ali is well placed to evolve our product portfolio to keep pace with market trends and continue providing market-leading risk assessment.

  • What inspired you to become a product manager?

I’ve always enjoyed getting into the detail of why and how people use our environmental reports, and being able to make meaningful change based on our clients requirements. At Argyll I focused on evolving our portfolio to maintain our premium brand as the market evolved. So moving into the product team and taking on that focus at a broader scale seemed like a natural evolution, and one I’m really enjoying!

  • What is a typical day like?

A typical day looks like a lot of collaborating.. with our clients, with our sales, marketing and success teams, as well as the product team. It’s this element I enjoy the most – working with our clients to create products that really add value, and delivering these changes with our team at Landmark.

  • How have the products changed since you first started at Landmark?

Our product range in Landmark has massively evolved in the time I’ve been here. First with our flood reports, which have now become a staple in real estate transactions, and more recently with our ESG services which solve a broader range of complex issues in investment.

  • Are there features within the reports which you are really proud of?

For me it’s the quality and expertise behind each of our products. Whether it’s reports like Homecheck Professional that we’ve been producing for years, or our new Risk Horizon ESG platform. The expertise in data and consultancy at Landmark is at the heart of everything we do – and the knowledge we have makes collaborating on new products really fun to be part of.  

  • How can our clients get involved if they wanted to help design new products?

We’re running customer engagement plans through our reseller networks at the moment, and are always on the look out for feedback. If you have time we’d love to book in a chat around how our products work in practice and what we could do to improve.