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Implementing Net Zero as a Law Firm

Our Customer Success Consultant, Allie Parsons, recently sat down with Thomas Glover, Solicitor at Future Net Zero Accredited law firm – Scott Richards, to discuss their journey on the road to a greener future.

In this video, Thomas illuminates how Scott Richards is working towards achieving net zero by 2050, from the main drivers that influenced their firm to implement a strategy back in 2019 to the initiatives that they have implemented so far, including going paper-lite and incorporating electric company cars.

Not only does Thomas offer insight into the steps Scott Richards is taking to be a sustainable business, but he also highlights the challenges they have faced along the way and offers advice to any law firm starting their own net zero strategy.

Gain valuable insights and advice from a sustainable solicitor by watching this video.

Are you ready to help your firm transition to a better future?

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Article originally published by Landmark Information Group.