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Unveiling Success: Landmark Academy’s Journey to Service Excellence 

We are excited to share the remarkable combined journey of Landmark Information Group’s Legal Customer Services and Success teams this year which culminated in triumph as we got the Bronze for Best B2B Customer Experience at the CXA Awards in October 2023.  

Differentiating Through Service 

Helen Luty, Head of Customer Experience at Landmark, explained their goals in firstly, unravelling the intricate puzzle of customer satisfaction and then setting the main aim, to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by leveraging our knowledge and service excellence as well as adding value to the customer. 

Using the skills and experience that have been gained over 25 years in the industry, the team devised a strategy to harness group resources, provide a unified customer experience, and create assets to benefit our customers. In doing so, it has helped unfold the story of how Landmark Academy emerged as a beacon of excellence, winning accolades and transforming the landscape of customer experience. 

People-Centric Approach 

For us, having the right people in the right roles was key to success. The Customer Service team,  spearheaded by a programme director focussed on the Un1ty project, to create a single view of our customer.  

Meanwhile Regional Law Society relationships and our work on the Landmark Academy was led by our Customer Success team. We wanted the Landmark Academy to be worthy of supporting client’s knowledge, therefore there was meticulous planning involved in redesigning and relaunching the platform during lockdown; making sure to seek both feedback from potential users as well as involve key UK environmental and property experts as part of the knowledge team. And we continue to do so. 

Leading the Way 

Landmark Academy remains a unique offering among environmental data providers. Whilst keeping up to date with core environmental issues we relish innovation and thought leadership. We have demonstrated this greatly by addressing climate change and sustainability with the right level of considered enthusiasm to provide education and engagement across the industry. And we’ve even introduced a ‘Sustainable Business of the Year’ award through our Regional Law Society Partners. 

Exceptional Achievements 

In summary, our journey has been exceptional. The combination of the Landmark Academy creative knowledge hub and the top performance of our Customer Services team played a pivotal role in the B2B Customer Experience recognition at the CXA Awards, which followed the prestigious ServiceMark Accreditation from the Institute of Customer Services in May 2023. We are now not only industry experts and regional law society partners but also recognised for providing an all-round exceptional customer experience. 

If you want to be part of our unique learning experience, subscribe now to our award-winning Landmark Academy.