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Landmark Academy: Keeping training and development on the agenda

All solicitors and registered European lawyers (RELs) must comply with The Solicitor Regulation Authority (SRA) CPD or continuing competence requirements.

Landmark Information Group can help. We have developed a refreshed, updated version of the Landmark Academy. Given the current circumstances, where many law firms are having to furlough staff, many solicitors may feel this is a great time to develop their knowledge.

What does the Academy offer?

The academy provides 15 to 30-minute videos on topics relating to environmental hazards, legislation, compliance and probate law. The videos are produced by a number of key environmental and law professionals and provide links to relevant resources. Every two weeks, there will be new content on topical subjects for you to get up to date information and help to reach your learning needs. We understand that it can be hard to attend in-house training sessions or attend live webinars and these videos allow you to learn when you want, and at your own pace. Each video is also accompanied by related resources which provide links to relevant reading material. Alongside this is an option to read topical blogs which are written by our experts on their specialist areas and will provide updates on current issues or changes in legislation.

In addition, the new Academy will also offer live webinars which you can book onto. These are provided by a range of both in-house experts and external speakers. These will be largely held over the lunchtime slot of 12-1pm and can be accessed afterwards just in case you missed it!

We now also offer the ability to book in-house training on a number of specific topics relating to environmental issues which could affect conveyancing. Given the current situation where we are unable to travel to see our clients, we can now offer virtual ‘in-house’ training. If you would like more bespoke training sessions  these can be arranged by simply contacting a member of our Academy team.

If you want to know more about our products, we have a section under ‘Get Reports’ which allows you to search for the most appropriate report for your needs.

What is coming up?

The first set of videos will be from our climate change series which will feature five training videos covering the facts about climate change, the science behind it, the politics controlling the rate of change and overview of the IPCC reports.

The Landmark Academy has been designed to help you develop your knowledge on environmental issues associated with conveyancing and compliance. This is your Academy, your learning tool and therefore we are keen to provide relevant training tools and content for you to develop. If there are any topics you wish us to cover, please contact our team!