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Landmark’s best commercial report just got better!

Before the significant and unfortunate disruption of lockdown, Landmark made the important decision to decommission one of their core environmental reports to make finding the right report easier for our clients. Now, they’ve made substantial improvements to the leading commercial report, SiteSolutions Combined.

Argyll are the consultancy arm of Landmark and the Argyll environmental reports have long been the report of choice for the majority of the top commercial law firms because of the manual, quality driven consultant-led approach they’ve always taken.

From the overall risk assessment, to risk commentaries, through to bespoke recommendations, a consultant has determined what is appropriate on a site-specific basis, following the review of an extremely comprehensive suite of historic mapping, environmental and flood data, plus their supporting attributes. Argyll were the first and remain the only report provider to do this for both contaminated land and flood risk in every report.

Getting it Right

For accuracy, it is key that while data should inform a decision, it shouldn’t make it.

When evaluating risk sometimes it is not a simple Yes or No answer. When looking at the risks of contaminated land there can be a grey area where the current land use, proposed land use and transaction type can have a big impact on whether a Further Action or Passed assessment is issued. There can be a big difference between taking on potential liabilities through an acquisition or removing potential liabilities through a sale especially where a site is going to be redeveloped. The advice and recommendations are also likely to differ as more robust due diligence is usually recommended for an acquisition.

Argyll will ask for, by default, the current use, proposed use and the transaction type. Having this information, if available, to hand allows us to tailor our assessment to the particular transaction you are working on, using specific context, providing only relevant advice with nothing generic or automated.

The Easy Choice

One of the key and unique benefits to the SiteSolutions Combined report is that it is suitable for any transaction. Unlike other reports that are only for Part 2A, the Argyll liability assessment is flexible and includes the Planning Regime which makes it suitable for transactions involving a change of use or redevelopment. Whether you’re acting for an acquisition or sale, lease or development, the report provides an easy and consistent choice to the lawyer and firm.

Flood Risk

Specifically in relation to flood risk, this year has clearly shown, with flooding occurring across the country since November and the wettest February on record, flood risk is too important an issue, too damaging a risk, to not assess properly as part of pre-acquisition due diligence. To provide lawyers with complete reliability, the Argyll flood assessments are the only combined environmental reports available to commercial lawyers that are 100% consultant assessed. 

Consult the Experts

Finally, we know that lawyers are not experts in environmental risks and as a profession, you shouldn’t be expected to be. However, this can make environmental risks or issues a difficult topic to discuss with clients. Therefore, one of the key services that comes with every report is direct access to a consultant. The report writer’s name and contact number will always be on page two, providing you with an expert to contact whenever you need support.

SiteSolutions Combined Unique Benefits:

  • Assessment Accuracy and Reliability: Every report is written and quality assessed by an expert consultant for both contaminated land and flood risk
  • The Easy Choice: The report is suitable for every transaction type
  • Ease of use: Clear front-page colour-coded summary with ‘NEW’ hyperlinks, getting you to the key sections faster and easier
  • Advice: Bespoke recommendations and overall risk assessment tailored to your transaction
  • Support: Report author contact details are always on the report to support you and your client whenever you need
  • Environmental Professionals: Argyll’s team of consultants can assist with any recommendation in the report whether contaminated land or flood risk. From Phase 1 Environmental Assessment, Consultation & Planning Reviews to Detailed Flood Depth Assessments and Walkover Studies

Don’t just take our word for it:

To assess risks for commercial sites, we always use the Argyll combined report. Our firm prides itself in the quality of our work and our commercial acumen and so we need a report that reflects our standards. 

Doug Brydon – Head of Risk & Operational Regulatory Travers Smith

To find out more, get in contact with us at helpdesk@landmark.co.uk or go to ‘Get Reports’ section of The Landmark Academy https://www.landmarkacademyhub.co.uk/get-reports/ to select product Information and a sample report